5 major benefits of BIM modeling for developers

The construction sector is rapidly evolving. Speed is of the essence in both design and construction, often resulting in tight deadlines. This creates a constant race against time! To avoid errors caused by rushing, budget overruns, and reworks during the construction phase, we offer our clients the option of BIM (Building Information Modeling) during the design phase. This is one of the most important tools that allows us to see the entire project and its final outcome comprehensively before breaking ground and identify discrepancies before the race begins.

What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building or structure. It enables various stakeholders in the construction project – developers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, builders, construction supervisors, and others – to visualize the entire project as a 3D model before actual construction begins. This information model, created in this manner, significantly reduces costs since 2D drawings do not always provide a complete understanding of complex areas to evaluate the proposed design’s functionality.

By simulating the entire design across all project’s components in advance, BIM helps reduce errors (for example look at the model below), inaccuracies, and delays, ultimately saving time and money.

BIM Enables Resource Optimization and Sustainable Practices

  1. BIM is a powerful tool for enhancing collaboration and effective management. Information from different project components forms a cohesive whole design, allowing all designers to see the interoperability of the proposed design solution. When conflicts arise, the design project manager can easily communicate the nature of the problem, and designers can collaboratively find the best solution.
  2. Using BIM reduces time, money, and resource consumption – potential errors are identified during the design phase rather than during construction, meaning that construction does not have to be halted. Stopping construction at any stage incurs significant costs – from labor costs to equipment rental and the need to replace materials. Additional time is also required for re-designing, obtaining permits, and approvals.
  3. BIM allows for better planning of sustainable solutions, such as stormwater management systems, which are crucial in urban areas and large paved areas to mitigate flood risks. We are committed to offering solutions for local stormwater infiltration in our projects. Stormwater drainage has finite dimensions, and it is not possible to endlessly add new connections.
  4. Increased Client Satisfaction and Confidence. Clients can be assured that the designed solution is cohesive, within budget, and the entire construction process will run smoothly.
  5. Improved Image of the Client. Carefully planned work at every stage provides a professional outcome and increases reliability and improves the reputation of the company.

Client’s Experiences with BIM Implementation

  • Significant reduction in costs associated with correcting design errors during the construction process.
  • Thanks to the comprehensive vision, projects stayed in line with the schedule.
  • The BIM model allows for faster market entry with developments and increases client satisfaction since the final result matches the project (including visuals and renderings).

At Pihamaa Stuudio, we create the information model for the landscape architecture, compliant with current BIM requirements. We model landscape information that demonstrate the designed recreational areas and playgrounds, small forms and equipment, and green landscaping volumes along with the necessary information.

We offer BIM-based design as part of the landscape design and, if necessary, also as a standalone service. If you want to carry out your next development project more budget and time efficiently, contact us for well considered landscape architecture design. For more information, call us or send an email with your landscape design brief. You can conveniently do this here

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If you liked the post, feel free to share it!