“People ignore design that ignores people.”

– Frank Chimero, disainer


Embrace the spirit of nature in the unique, inspiring, and sustainable outdoor spaces that surround us.


Our mission is to forge harmonious and innovative outdoor spaces deeply attuned to human needs and nature’s rhythm. We strive to create accessible, engaging environments that stimulate activity, understanding, and interaction across generations. Our approach reveres each location’s unique history and cultural tapestry, weaving the spirit of the place into each design.

There is a focus on embracing the golden ratio as we blend a timeless elegance with modern, pioneering techniques. We are shaping spaces, and while being contemporary, we look at the same time to find ways of resonating with timeless beauty that already exists.

Our dedication to environmental harmony helps guide us in adapting to the influence of climate change. We thoughtfully consider the water cycle, working wherever possible to understand urban heat effects. For our solutions, we prefer natural and repurposed materials, taking care to ensure our creations are as nurturing to the earth as they are to the human spirit.

Every project is unique. Pihamaa Stuudio’s aim is to foster mental, physical, and social well-being, crafting spaces that are functional yet soulfully enriching.