Pihamaa Landscape Architects – Efficient from design phase to supervision in terms of time and budget.

With the accelerating pace of life, there is an increasing need for inclusive, safe, and calming outdoor spaces that support our mental, physical, and social well-being.

At Pihamaa Stuudio, we design outdoor space that:

  • Consider the needs of diverse user groups
  • Are accessible, logical, and functional
  • Enhance well-being by reducing mental stress
  • Create opportunities for health promotion
  • Provide meeting places and opportunities for social interaction
  • Relate to the site’s history, preserving, enhancing, and highlighting the identity of the place

We achieve this by:

  • Working professionally, time and budget-efficiently
  • Carefully identifying the client’s needs
  • Using modern approaches
  • Considering environmental aspects (e.g., water cycle functioning, reducing heat island effect, and maintaining biodiversity)

Our approach to landscape design is based on collaboration, innovation, and bold initiative, always aiming to find the best solutions for the users.

How can we support your success:

  • Site investigations: tree survey, herbaceous plant survey, protected plant inventories
  • Design: landscape, greenery, BIM, complex tree protection measures during construction, and tree transplantation planning
  • Visualization
Pihamaa meeskond

We can help you!

  • Overwhelmed with project management?
  • Are you looking for an experience of effortless collaboration?
  • Are you dreaming of outdoor space that feels good, and everything seems in its right place and appropriate?
  • We believe that good ideas have to be implemented.

Why to choose Pihamaa?

  • Our approach is collaborative, daring, intelligent, and consistently geared towards finding solutions.
  • We’re your perfect partner, ensuring seamless collaboration with expert competence. We enjoy what we do.
  • We transform residential properties into personalized homes and shape public spaces into environments that foster social and mental well-being.
  • Our efforts are dedicated to attaining the best and optimal design resolution.

Landscape Architecture – from design to supervision

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