About Us

About us

We are dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that consider the needs of various user groups (based on age and ability), ensuring they are accessible, enabling, and logical. Our designs support mental health by alleviating fatigue and stress, increasing physical activity, and providing social meeting places.

Our design solutions

In our landscape design projects we offer solutions contributing to climate change adaptation, consider the functioning of the water cycle, and reduce the heat island effect.

Our offer to You

  • Reduce Project Manager overload: our approach to landscape design is based on collaboration, innovation, and bold initiative, always aimed at finding the best outcome. We adhere to agreements and deadlines and take care of all communications and transactions with relevant authorities in our field.
  • Shorten the time of design phase: relying on our experience and ability to analyze outdoor space holistically, we save time in the building permit application process by reducing the overall number of project coordination rounds.
  • Provide a stress-free collaboration experience: we are your ideal partner because our experience and skills ensure smooth cooperation. We enjoy what we do and love our work.
  • Design cognitively pleasant outdoor spaces: we transform housing developments into personalized homes. We enhance the outdoor spaces of business developments to be attractive for both visiting customers and employees. We create public spaces that support the physical, social, and mental well-being of users, where everything fits into place.

“Without great people, even great ideas are useless”

– Simon Sinek, visionary thinker

“Without great people, even great ideas are useless”

– Simon Sinek, visionary thinker

Pihamaa is about people

Kaja Sepper

Landscape Architect
Email: kaja@pihamaa.ee
Phone: +372 5552 5075

In addition to landscape architecture and dendrology, I have a background in natural and environmental sciences. I studied at Tallinn University, Tallinn University of Technology, and Estonian University of Life Sciences.

I am the founder of Pihamaa Studio, a landscape architect, and a dendrologist. In everyday work I am most intrigued by challenges related to inclusive and enabling outdoor spaces, and sustainability in the context of climate change.

My curiosity is endless, leading me to incessantly ask questions about the things that interest me. I love creative cooking and hiking.

Kaisa Kuusik

Landscape Architect
Email: kaisa@pihamaa.ee
Phone: +372 5664 3527

I studied landscape architecture at the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

At Pihamaa Studio, I am a partner, landscape architect, and 3D modeler. I am fascinated by creating complex 3D models from landscape designs which are helping me to understand the functionality of the design and enabling others to see the envisioned future.

I practice precision and punctuality at the shooting range, engaging in sport shooting. When I need a break from intense experiences, I pick up my brushes and let my creativity flow through painting.

Kaie Eha

Email: kaie@pihamaa.ee

My academic journey began at Tallinn University studying biology, followed by environmental studies, adding botany and ecology courses from the University of Tartu.

At Pihamaa, I explore the unnoticed greenery, finding protected species in the most unexpected and peculiar places.

You’ll know which desk is mine in my office, assuming you can find it amidst the plants.

Anu-Kristin Tara

Gardener and Arborist
Email: anu@pihamaa.ee

I graduated from Luua Forestry School in arboriculture, with 12 years of experience in managing trees, including pruning, felling, and planting trees and shrubs. I am among the few arborists in Estonia with successful experience in transplanting large mature trees.

At Pihamaa, I primarily consult in the design phase, helping to select the right species for landscape designs and determining optimal maintenance and management for the designed trees and greenery.

My passion lies in delicate and airy plants, hence my love for cultivating grasses and alliums. I enjoy quality black tea and adore good humor.



I am Manfred but friends simply call me Männi.

In Pihamaa, I mainly engage in assisting and accompany in fieldwork. During site visits, my main tasks include communication with the client and playing, and I really enjoy being patted. Participating in meetings is nice, this is the best time for resting, particularly I enjoy sleeping and snoring in the background.

I am a fanatic collector of balls, I have a very nice collection already and I am interested in all items that look like a ball.

Mystery man

Mystery Man

I am a college graduate with a keen interest in spatial design. At Pihamaa, I am an enthusiastic creative soul and open to new challenges. As a dedicated team player, I enjoy contributing to the design of outdoor spaces. I am cheerful by nature, love good humor, communication and socializing.

Do you recognize yourself in this description? Contact us and fasten your seatbelt, as this could be the beginning of your greatest adventure!