Construction supervision by designer

We design unique, user-friendly, and environmentally sustainable outdoor spaces. We ensure the outdoor space is safe, sensible and logical, aesthetic, functional, comprehensible, accessible, facilitating various ways for movement, serving different age groups and their diverse needs, and empowering them by supporting independent coping and providing a sense of achievement.
To ensure that our designed outdoor space is built according to the project, we offer construction supervision services. The goal is to monitor the construction process and intervene at the right moment in a way the designed solution is indeed implemented. Inevitably, situations arise during construction where unknown situations become apparent, or an incident changes the circumstances, making the designed solution no longer optimal or rational in the new conditions. In such situations, new solutions must be proposed to ensure the best result under the given circumstances, without compromising the concept or values.
Construction supervision by designer can be provided on an hourly basis or based on a fixed fee (and volume) agreement.