You have an idea for creating your dream garden or flowerbed but are not quite sure how the solution would work, or you have numerous questions that might affect the final outcome. Here, we can assist you by offering consultation to find the best solution together.

The consultation can be conducted in a way that suits you, such as meeting on-site, through a web environment, over the phone, or via email.
The consultation is personalized, and the outcome of a consultation may vary. Sometimes, just stating the problem and having a video call with screen sharing to review drawings and discuss various possible ways to tackle a problem is sufficient. At other times, a more detailed written record of the consultation may be needed to present solution proposals to another party, making a written document essential. It may also turn out that we can be of assistance by offering a specific service – such as woody plants survey or drawing sections that deal with the technical solution of pavements and the potential conflict with tree root protection areas.

The consultation fee is based on an hourly rate. The fee includes time spent on going through all the documents related to the project, travel time for site visits, consultation time on-site, time for compiling additional information, and time for writing the consultation report. Not every component, such as on-site meetings, searching for additional materials and information, or writing a report, may be necessary, and if a component is not required, it is not performed. We can agree on how we can be of assistance. The consultation doesn’t include design works, if you require a landscape project or a single flower bed drawing then read more about our other services.

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