Expert opinion for landscaping

Despite everyone’s best efforts in the design and construction phases, sometimes landscaping fails and plants die. To determine at which stage things went wrong, we perform expert assessments for landscaping.
An expert assessment consists of fieldwork and paperwork. During fieldwork, observations and documentation of the situation are made (e.g., photos, recordings). Observations about the condition of the landscaping include assessing the size, color, and density of plant foliage compared to the normal growth of the species. Sometimes, analysis is necessary – for example, soil samples might be taken to ensure that the growing conditions meets the designed specifications. The quality of the plants is also verified, which requires interruption of the soil to observe the root collar and root system in the soil. Other activities may also be conducted depending on the nature of the project. The paperwork involves defining the initial task or the client’s request; describing what was designed and the current situation on-site (i.e., situational analysis); offering various possible solutions for resolving the situation and analyzing which is the most optimal, along with the advantages and risks of each solution; and concluding which of the previously offered solutions is the most optimal for the given situation.
Our competence as qualified dendrologist gives us the authority to conduct expert assessments for landscaping.

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