Maintenance plan for landscape

A landscape design, once completed, looks aesthetic, but to maintain its appearance, proper care and maintenance is needed. But how? We’ve thought about this too and can create a maintenance plan for your landscape design to preserve its functionality.

With a maintenance plan, we provide clear work instructions for maintaining the area and determine the frequency of maintenance tasks, highlighting when it’s essential to care for the trees and greenery, walkways, and inventory. Different components of the outdoor space require different types of maintenance; for example, living materials need watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc., while non-living materials need cleaning, repairing, painting, etc. Consequently, we create a work schedule with optimal frequency to ensure that the overall impression is organized and aesthetic.

Our maintenance plans consist of a work schedule as a table that is easy to follow and accompanying work instructions describing the content of the tasks, along with recommended maintenance tools (e.g., tools, fertilizers, etc.). Depending on the design, our maintenance plans are laid out either for one year (if the maintenance is the same year after year) or up to five years (if the maintenance principles vary in different years). As we have a deep understanding of the interrelations between living and non-living materials, our maintenance plans are comprehensive and effective.

The creation of a maintenance plan goes hand in hand with urban green and landscape design, where a detailed design for the area is developed. For the design, we provide corresponding detailed instructions for maintenance, so you can enjoy the desired outcome for a long time.

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